Johnson Controls Customer Complain Specialist in Shanghai, China



  1. 在客服经理的领导下,和其他客服人员团结协作,圆满完成售后任务。

  2. 按照统一的客户投诉案件处理程序和方法处理客户投诉。

  3. 对客户投诉案件进行登记和记录。

  4. 协助国内及国外工厂相关部门调查客户投诉原因。

  5. 办理客户退换货手续。

  6. 负责对企业投诉处理政策的最终解释。

  7. 整理和分析客户投诉的信息并录入salesforce系统。

  8. 如有必要需要到现场协助处理并分析产品质量问题

Job Duty:

Handle customer complain and filed supporting

  1. Work with field service team to support customer

  2. Follow the standard customer complain process

  3. Record the customer complain and input to salesforce

  4. Work with other team such as QA, technical, engineering to find root cause and improvement

  5. Handel the parts RMA and replacement

  6. Final reports provide to customer

  7. Close the case on salesforce

  8. If need, will go to field to support troubleshooting



  1. 消防或机电类本科毕业,工科学士

  2. 年龄25-40

  3. 良好的语言表达及沟通能力

  4. 具有复杂问题的分析及排除能力

  5. 英文听读写良好,可以用英文与海外书面或电话沟通技术问题

  6. 良好的服务意识

  7. 可以出差


  1. B.S of electrical or mechanical or fire suppression education background

  2. Age 25-40

  3. Good presentation and communication skill, as well as coordination skill

  4. Can handle the complex problem troubleshooting

  5. Good English on writing and speaking, can communicate technical issue with oversea colleague

  6. Good customer oriented sense

  7. Can travel

Job: *Customer Support

Organization: *Bldg Technologies & Solutions

Title: Customer Complain Specialist

Location: China-Shanghai

Requisition ID: 161054