Moet-Hennessey Store Manager - Guangzhou in China

Store Manager - Guangzhou

  • Company: Loro Piana China

  • Location: China

  • Business group: Fashion & Leather Goods

  • Contract type: Permanent Job

  • Function: Retail

  • Experience required: Minimum 5 years

  • Reference No.: LORP00228

  • Date of publication: 2017.10.10


Reporting to the Area Manager, the tore Manager is responsible for business performance of Loro Piana Guangzhou Taikoo Hui Store and works as ambassador of the brand. The position holder will take ownership to proactively foster the achievement of sales goals, build client relationships, coach and develop the team. -?--?位-?--?--?-?--经-?-?-?-, -?责广-?太古-?精-?--?-经营管-?并--?-?--大使--?-?-- -?-常工-?中-要积-?-主-?--?--?--?--?--?--?-达-?--?建-?客-?--?-系-?以-?-?---?-?--?---?导--?-?---?-?--

Job responsibilities 工-?-?责-? - Business and client development --?--客-?----? - Team management and development -?--管-?--?-? - Sure daily store operations in coherent with standard procedures 确保-?-?--?-常运营符-?-?-流-?-?-


Position Requiement 任-?要-?-? - Bachelor degree with minimum 8 years of working experiences in relevant industry, of which 4 years in a managerial position -?--?-以-?学--?--?-年以-?-?--?--?-?工-?经-?-?-?-中-?--?-年-?-管-?-?-?位 - Strong skills on identifiying and maximizing the business opportunity -?--?---?-?--运-?---?--?-?---?-- - Skillful in client development and relationships management --?-客-?--?-?--?-系管-? - Outstanding interpersonal and communication skills, able to work as a leader -?--?--人--?--?---?-?-起-?-核-?-?导--?-?- - Down to earth, result driven and able to handle multi task under working pressure 踏-?-?以-?-为导-?-?-?--?-?----?-?-?--?---?项任-?- - Passionate for the brand and the product 对-?-?---产-?---?-- - Good command of English and computer skills -?-语--?---?--?--?

Additional information

传-?--?-代-?-大-?-家-?-工-?--?Loro Piana诺-?-翩--?注-?-?端纺-?-?--?足迹踏遍-?--?-?只为寻-?--?-级珍-?-材--?对-?--?--?-质-?--?不渝-追-?令-?-?-为奢-?-?--?-?--?-?--?---?2007年来-?-中-?--?-?--?海-?设-?-?-精-?--?--?--?--?中-?---?--15-?-精-?--?--?-?-10个--?--?-?-Loro Piana诺-?-翩--?为LVMH路威-?-轩--?--?---?-?-?-?-?-质-贴-?-?--?-带-?-?--?-?-?--?--?-客人-?-?为-?---工提-?-?-为-?--广---?-?-?-?空-?--

With the craftsmanship heritage of six generations, renowned Italian brand Loro Piana operates in the high-end luxury goods sector and has made uncompromising quality its mission, offering the most discerning clients clothing, accessories and gifts which have been made in Italy from the finest raw materials in the world. The spirit of strive for excellence makes it the benchmark of the luxury world. In 2007, Loro Piana entered the China market and opened its first boutique in Shanghai. Nowadays, it directly manages 15 stores in 10 cities. After joining LVMH group, Lora Piana offers premium quality and distinguished service to more customers around the world, at the same time provide a vast career development platform to its employees.