Cosma International Process Engineer 工艺工程师[COS03830] in Tianjin, China

Company Introduction

MTTS (Tianjin) was established in May 2005, located in Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone, Airport Industrial Area. Magna Technology and Tooling Systems is a division of Cosma Body Systems, we manufacture cold and hot-stamping tooling including complete upfront engineering as a main focus, we have emphasized on the improvements of key technologies and equipment, sharing core techniques from our Magna group, following up and leading the latest developing directions of the global tooling industry. Our products include large tandem and transfer stamping tools, jigs, fixtures and hot-stamping tools including prototyping services.


Job Introduction

2D/3D Die Process layouts

Major Responsibilities
  • Create 2D/3D Die Process layouts 设计2D/3D模具工艺

  • Assist & follow up in the building of draw developments and FEA simulations.


  • Prepare tooling process & relevant documentation for sales department to accurately quote new business or engineering changes. 提供生产工艺及相关文件给销售部门以精确报价新业务及相关工程改变

  • Prepare feasibility study of the die process for quotation purposes and support Sales Department in preparation of quotations. 为报价准备模具工艺可行性研究及向销售部门提供报价准备支持

  • Prepare final die process and obtain internal and customer buy-off. 准备最终模具工艺,获得客户最终验收

  • Evaluate part tolerance and their effect on the die process. Provide tolerance allowance information to shop.


  • Incorporate necessary process modification to control springback.合并必要的工艺修正以控制回弹

  • Monitor the ongoing project budget for costs and work to understand and reduce deviations form the budget.


  • Support Sales and manufacturing representatives in technical discussions with the customer.


  • Prepare technical correspondence for the Sales Department or Project Coordinator.


  • Perform other reasonable duties as required.按要求完成其他相关工作
Knowledge and Education
  • College degree in engineering or related, with tool and die shop background preferred. 工程或相关专业学士学位,有模具生产制造经验者优先
Work Experience
  • Minimum of 5 years work experience in design/engineering, including CAD draw development using UG or Catia. 5年以上设计/工程工作经验,有使用UG或Catia进行拉延模工艺造型的经验
Skills and Competencies
  • Organized individual with proven skill in record keeping, time management & organization of multiple projects. 擅长数据记录,时间管理及多样项目的组织工作

  • Ability to read 2D and 3D die drawings 能够看懂二维和三维模具设计图

  • Be able to do simulation job in Autoform software. 能使用Autoform软件进行成型模拟计算

  • Familiarity with Microsoft Word/Excel.熟悉常用办公软件

  • Can create the 2D process based on product data independantly. 能根据产品数据独立完成冲压工艺卡

  • Good English and Mandarin communication skills. 良好的英语和中文交流能力。

Work Environment
  • Primarily Office environment 主要在办公室

  • Day shift flex hours 白班正常班,弹性工作制

  • Can travel. 能够出差

Group: Cosma International

Division: MTTS

State/Province/County: Tianjin

City: Tianjin

Job Type: Regular