Philips Lighting Validation Engineer in Shanghai, China

Development Quality

  • Define and drive execution of the quality management processes within development projects, focusing on elements such as:

  • : Ensure that the consumer needs with respect to system / product characteristics are defined.

  • : Ensure that the consumer use cases and acceptance criteria are defined, including environmental conditions.

  • : Ensure that consistent field quality targets are defined. Drive the prediction of these expected field quality performances in a structured manner.

  • : Gather experiences from previous products and projects to improve the design and its quality. This Includes competitive analysis and other intelligence. .

  • : Include in the specification process the adherence of mandatory internal and external standards / legal requirements (Safety, Sustainability, Performance), which is input for the approbation & certification process.

  • : Include the timely input from the AQP/PPAP process to ensure that definitions and deliverables are available on time.

  • Product Risk Management: Ensure that risks for system / product quality are identified as early as possible, using structured methods & tools for risk management (e.g. FMEA). Ensure proper follow-up to verify risks and solutions. Use a pondered risk indicator (as in a Maturity Grid) to set clear priorities. Ensure that a defined risk level is reached before passing a certain milestone.

  • : Drive the translation of requirements into Critical To Quality (CTQ) parameters at system, product and component level. Ensure that CTQ’s are measurable and have defined warning levels and specification limits. Stimulate and check for each of these CTQ’s the proper transfer functions with known predictors. Ensure that CTQ’s are measured during development, in pilot runs and in production.

  • Robust Design: Check the use by development engineers of Robust Design, through numerical simulation using transfer functions and experiments.

  • Quality Testing: Agree on the Quality Test Plan for product verification and validation, together with all relevant experts. Ensure proper execution, using relevant sampling.

  • System / Software Testing: Ensure that a proper System / Software Test Plan (both for embedded and application software) is in place and executed, defined together with the system / software architect and test manager.

  • : Agree on the quality control plan for manufacturing. Ensure that the agreed deliverables are supplied, such as test & alignment instructions and CTQ measurement definitions, warning limits and specification limits.

  • Field test: Include results from system / product testing (performed in an early phase by selected users) in the quality assessment.

  • After-sales service: Actively use the regular reporting on field quality (complaints & returns) in the initial phase of new projects.

  • Report regularly on progress, results and bottlenecks to all relevant stakeholders.

  • Advise the project leader on milestone decisions. Escalate to management when needed.

Standard & Regulation

  • Transfer new standards to marketing and R&D group once they are finalized

  • Support the standard development through gathering the inputs and comments (benchmark data, product roadmap) from marketing and R&D group

  • Leverage Philips’s S&R global network to influence standard bodies and/or trade associations with BU defined positions.

  • Get involved to design new processes to comply with new regulations and implement them via existing organization/pillars

Approbation & Safety

  • Take lead on safety design review and external approbation (e.g. ENERGYSTAR, UL, CB, CQC, etc…) during product releasing

  • Engage with 3rd party lab through in-depth technology and set up solid work relationship with related agencies (e.g. UL, KEMA, CQC, ITS, BACL, BEST, SGS etc…)

  • Support risk assessments related to Safety complaints

  • To be knowledge supporter about compliance with environmental policy & regulation (e.g. PVC&BFRs free, RoHS, REACH, BOMCheck, etc…), and handle specific environmental requests from our end customers.

  • Facilitate campus lab center to match GBU’s business needs.