Eastman International Ventures Manager, China in Shanghai, China

Position Title: International Ventures Manager, China

Business Organization/ Function: International Ventures

Reports To: China International Ventures Leader

Position Purpose:

The primary mission for this position are development & analysis of competitive intelligence, and development & implementation of inorganic projects primarily joint ventures.

Job Responsibilities

  • Threats Identification – Proactively collect industry information (both technology and finance) and government policies related to operation and investment, with comprehensive in-house assessment to identify and weigh the threat level as well as timeline for key business in the region, especially in China.

  • Competitive Scenario Projections – With extensive knowledge on the industry, describe and predict China competition landscape for focused business in the long, medium and short term.

  • Inorganic Project Options Development/Implementation – Activities include: primary research, industry market and competitive analysis, target/partner assessment, deal structure proposal, contract negotiations, etc.

Knowledge and Skill Requirements

  • Bachelor degree or above with Chemical or related majors

  • Professional presence and leadership skills

  • Good communication and interpersonal skills

  • Information Collection and analyzing skills

  • Fluent in both English and Chinese Mandarin