Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. Driver-LB in Nanjing Chemical Park, China

POSITION SUMMARY/职位概述 Purpose /目的 This position is in charge of delivering the products to the customer site using cryogenic trailers.此职位主要负责使用槽车将产品运输至客户现场。 Nature and Scope/工作性质及范围 The products drivers mainly take responsibilities of delivering the products to the customer site safely and provide high quality service for the customers. The drivers should strictly obey all the regulations of the company especially the rules of safety driving. 产品运输司机主要职责是将产品安全的运输到客户现场,同时为客户提供高质量的服务。产品运输司机应该严格遵守公司对与安全驾驶方面的相关规章制度。 DIMENSIONS Air Products Employees :Immediate : Total : Operating expense budgetMaterial Cost PRINCIPAL ACCOUNTABILITIES/主要职责 To perform safely, using PPE, do vehicle daily check.安全工作,使用安全保护设备,每日进行车辆检查。 To keep clean of the trailers.保持槽车干净。 To drive and delivery products to customer safely and effectively.将产品安全高效的运输至客户。 To server customer in professional manner.以专业的态度服务客户。 To fill out necessary forms correctly and submit in time.正确填写工作必需的表格,并及时提交。 To feed back customer station problem timely.及时反馈客户问题。 To show excellent images to customer to delivery products on time.准时运送产品并给客户留下良好印象。 To Abide by loading and unloading procedures遵守装载气体和卸载气体的流程。 JOB REQUIREMENTS/岗位要求 Job Incumbent is expected to have at least 2 years driving training and truck driving license mandatory, minimum 5 years driving experience. 至少两年驾驶培训经历,有卡车驾驶执照,五年以上驾驶经验。 Job Incumbent is expected to have good communication ability and have truck maintenance knowledge, Cryogenic knowledge desirable but not mandatory.良好的沟通能力,具备卡车维修知识,略懂低温学知识 Job Incumbent is expected to be healthy to meet the job requirements and no accident record.身体健康,可以满足工作需要,无驾驶事故纪录。