Hella Corporate Center Project Manger_XM/项目经理 in Location Xiamen, China


1.Agreement and definition of technical requirements with the customer in the form of defined project descriptions, Agreement of targets concerning quality, costs and timing with the client, taking existing procedures and methods into account, in agreement with the positions responsible or superior.按照现有的程序及方法,在项目负责人或是上级主管同意的条件下,与客户协定关于质量、成本、及时间的项目目标。并与客户协定技术要求,并形成项目文件; 2.Planning internal and external capacities and involvement in the nomination of team members, taking into account individual potentials and competence; defining and assigning the work packages and planning gate deadlines using the documented basic TtM procedures.实施内部及外部的产能计划,根据每位团队成员的潜能及能力进行推荐,并确定、分配工作任务,同时应用TtM基本程序计划各模块完成时间; 3.Defining, planning, coordinating and monitoring development tasks within a project team, using prescribed methods and systems (including the TtM process); involvement of internal and external services if required, taking economic, quality-related and scheduling aspects into account.应用规定的方法及系统(包括TtM程序),定义、计划、协调并监控项目团队任务完成情况,包括内部及外部服务,将经济上的、质量相关的及计划安排等方面都考虑在内; 4.Recording project status, taking into account continual processing and interpretation of internal & external information; monitoring the project workflow and deciding on corresponding measures, in agreement with the superior if necessary, in the case of deviations or changes to target specifications.记录项目实施状态,需考虑到连续的实施进展与内外部信息,监控项目流程,并在既定目标偏离或改变时,视情况需要与否与上级主管协商,采取应对措施; 5.Guaranteeing systematic relationships to internal and external clients and to the specialist departments /positions to be integrated.确保整合与内外部客户及特别部门或岗位的系统上的联系; 6.Carrying out project controlling in the form of reviews (concluding and intermediate reports) with the clients on the basis of agreed quality, cost and scheduling targets.基于既定的质量、成本及行程安排目标,实施项目控制并与客户共同制定回顾报告; 7.Involvement in and/or implementing defined escalation scenarios when deviations from targets occur; illustrating existing alternative solutions in agreement with the development, sales, production and service units involved.当目标发生偏离时,参与或实施协议过的增加环节,阐明现有的可选择的另一解决方案,该方案应与涉及项目中的研发、销售、生产等部门共同协商; 8.Making make or buy decisions within the framework of the development project (operating and testing equipment etc.) in cooperation with Project Purchasing / the project team in agreement with the superior, making the suppliers‘ know-how useful within the framework of prescribed standards.在研发项目(运行或是测试设备等)的框架中,与项目采购或是采购团队协作及上级主管协商,判定是否进行生产或购买,在规定的标准的基础上发挥上级主管的技术知识;


1.Bachelor or above in Electronics/Mechatronics.电子或机电专业本科以上学历; 2.Professional PC experience (MS office 2000,Lotus Notes, internet).熟悉汽车产品开发流程以及汽车项目管理工具,例如:APQP PPAP 以及PEP等; 3.Familiar with the automotive quality standard, like QS 9000,TS16949.熟悉汽车行业质量标准如QS9000,TS16949; 4.At least 3 years project management experience.三年以上汽车行业项目管理经验;

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