Hella Corporate Center Sr. Accountant in Location Shanghai, China

Tasks /Area of Responsibility

  1. According to the rules of national accounting system, record accounts to make sure the procedures are complete, data are accurate, books are clear.
  2. Check various kinds of original voucher and business receipt, truthfully register the general ledger and detailed accounts.
  3. Formulate kinds of accounting report forms and inner reports to make the accounts accord with the reports
  4. Accrue the expense every month correctly, check the amortization of the prepaid expenses, timely follow up and clear the pending items.
  5. Coordinate to finish annual audit, foreign exchange audit, settlement and payment of the yearly enterprise income tax and business audit etc.
  6. Reconcile the payment and receipt information with bank statement, and prepare bank reconciliation on a regular basis;
  7. Assist the accounting manager to finish other tasks as assigned.
  8. 按照国家会计制度的规定记账,做到手续完备,数字准确,账面清晰,按期报账。 2.负责核实各类原始凭证和业务单据,如实登记总帐、明细帐等;每月核对每个会计科目和子科目的余额,同时检查总帐余额与DMS的各子模块余额是否一致,检查所有费用是否归属于正确的会计科目和成本中心
  9. 负责编制各种会计报表及公司内部报表,做到帐实、帐帐、帐表相符;
  10. 负责每月正确计提各项费用,检查费用摊销,及时跟进和清理未结事项。
  11. 负责内部和外部审计工作的进行
  12. 定期检查银行付款与收款,并准备银行余额调节表;
  13. 协助上级做好企业的财务工作

Job Profile / Requirements

  1. A degree holder in Accounting or related discipline
  2. Familiar with the handling of financial statements, accounting regulations and tax laws, and SAP operation skill
  3. Be organized, detail oriented and have clear mind and great responsibilities
  4. Able to work under time pressure in structured and prioritization way
  5. More than 4 years experience of accounting
  6. Familiar with PRC GAAP, IFRS GAAP, tax system as well as laws and regulations
  7. Work carefully, strong responsibility, upright and principle
  8. Have good team work spirit, communication skills and service consciousness
  9. 会计及其相关专业本科学历
  10. 熟悉会计报表的处理,会计法规和税法,熟练使用SAP;
  11. 思路清晰,条理性强,认真负责
  12. 可以在时间的压力下有组织有条理地完成工作
  13. 4年以上企业会计工作经验。 6.熟悉PRC, IFRS GAAP、中国税收制度,以及法律法规
  14. 工作认真细心、责任心强、为人正直、敢于坚持原则; 8.良好的团队协作精神、良好的沟通能力和服务意识。

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