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The Customer Experience Sales Specialist is to partner with client managers to demonstrate organizational capability and experience in a relevant specialist area and thereby creating more depth in current client accounts and assisting in the identification of opportunities for new accounts. They promote Dimension Data’s solutions and services in such a way that is accessible by different stakeholders with different levels of technical expertise. They will use their knowledge of the specifications of the Dimension Data product or service and the offerings from other companies in the same market and use their business acumen and experience to persuade the buyer that Dimension Data has the best combination of price, quality and services for achieving the buyer’s objectives.

They will work across accounts and verticals with the aim of selling these solutions and services. They demonstrate Dimension Data’s capability and experience in CX & Collab – thereby creating more depth in current client accounts, and identifying opportunities for new accounts.

They are experts in a specific solution area, although have a broad level of knowledge across multiple different solutions areas (domains) and will work across accounts. The CX & Collab Sales Specialist displays an excellent level of industry knowledge, combined with commercial acumen, business strategy skills, and knowledge of sourcing models and market trends as well as in-depth understanding of the client’s business. The CX & Collab Sales Specialist will co-ordinate all account activities with a single point of contact, fostering long term relationships with the client.

What you'll be doing

Analyse client needs

These individuals are able to use the sales process, probing questions and a conversational approach to explore and uncover the client’s needs. CX & Collab Sales Specialists are commercially minded and will use their understanding of the client’s business and their depth of knowledge on the specific solution or service to personalize the recommended solutions in line with the clients need. The CX & Collab Sales Specialist understands the task at hand as stated by the client, offering to relief to the client’s situation. They are able to demonstrate capability (features, advantages and benefits) at a detailed level, and offer unique perspectives and align insights to key client priorities and tie those insights back to Dimension Data’s unique differentiators. These individuals convey trade-offs of features in exchange for price or concessions and provide details focusing on the identification of benefits and disadvantages to a client. They partner with internal resources and contribute detailed solution and service technical knowledge and insight to assist in solving client problems. They have the ability to convince clients to choose to do business with Dimension Data, by pre-empting stakeholder objections and the client to a favourable outcome. This employee has the client’s agenda in mind and can relate Dimension Data’s offerings to enable the buyer to visualize their need satisfaction, goal achievement and problem resolution. CX & Collab Sales Specialists need to consider the availability of critical skills, industry compliance and risk to the client in combination with the service delivery and solution that is crafted. These employees will assist the client in developing future plans once current tasks have been developed on. The CX & Collab Sales Specialist builds relationships with his/her clients to ensure a deep understanding of their business and technical needs and challenges.

Achieve sales

They aim to realize revenue and margin targets and exploit opportunities, whilst displaying notable client services orientation. These employees will ensure that useful solutions are discovered based on the client’s agenda and not their own opinion. They are able to conduct business conversations with the client that are solution usage and results orientated, focusing on why the offering is needed and how it can be used to meet the client’s needs. CX & Collab Sales Specialists will work according to the buyers’ deadlines to ensure that the buyers’ needs are always met. They contribute to the pre-sales process by working with CX & Collab Solutions Architects to create the best solution design for the client. They work closely with vendors to understand their strategies for solutions and services, can articulate the roadmap, and associated impacts for clients. These employees have the ability to engage with specific initiatives that have funding lined up and help determine how a solution can be of benefit, based on prior patterns and examples. The CX & Collab Sales Specialist will work with client managers to bargain terms to find a mutually agreeable settlement with the client and will enter into productive negotiations to resolving pricing concerns. They accelerate the client procurement process and related contract governance to expedite the solution or service purchase and delivery. These employees understand how budget sourcing is determined and how they are connected in order to support buying decisions from a technical perspective.

Generate demand

CX & Collab Sales Specialists evaluate and consider opportunities as a potential buy and are able to discern when to withdraw from the sales engagement and when to pursue it. They will prospect for new opportunities within an account, asking tough qualification questions to best understand the client’s needs and Dimension Data’s ability to meet this need. They are able to generate demand by assisting clients to identify current needs (turning clients’ implied needs into explicit needs), and then effectively articulate how Dimension Data can add value through our services and solutions. They leverage their specialist skills and knowledge of technology solutions and services to assist and influence the client at every stage of the buying cycle, and to position Dimension Data favourably compared to competitors. They have the ability to influence and work closely with vendors, partners and internal employees to achieve the required results. This individual participates in client meetings, presentations, conference calls, web conferences and whiteboard sessions and play an integral part in writing statements of work or responding to requests for proposals.

They understand the competitive environment and can effectively pursue and select specific deals that will have a profitable result for Dimension Data, by displaying knowledge of how the client’s opportunities aligns with Dimension Data’s strength, the urgency drivers from the client and the client’s current relationship with Dimension Data.

Solution co-ordination

This employee will team with internal subject matter experts to navigate the sequence of processes and co-ordinates the resources involved in the production and distribution of Dimension Data products and services. They will avail themselves during the course of an initiative and check in at regular intervals until the project or initiative is complete. They will co-ordinate with internal teams to learn about a specific client related situation, task or problem and become the single point of contact for the client. The CX & Collab Sales Specialist will take responsibility for recommending solutions that will make the client successful today, while ensuring those solutions can also grow with the client’s definition of success tomorrow.

Business development activities

The CX & Collab Sales Specialist assists with the generation of new business, including new logo business for Dimension Data, by:

  • contributing to the development of marketing penetration strategies,

  • gathering intelligence on potential clients,

  • assisting with the design of optimal business models and

  • contributing to the design of go-to-market campaigns and the development of sales strategies.

The CX & Collab Sales Specialist is also responsible for supporting of the various sales teams in client facing activities, as well as finding new sales opportunities by owning direct client engagement.

Community of practice activities

The CX & Collab Sales Specialist implements and provides input into the development of governance, compliance, integrity and ethics processes within their area of specialisation. They adhere to organizational policies and procedures to ensure cost effectiveness and the reduction of financial costs. The CX & Collab Sales Specialist implements processes which build service delivery excellence according to principles and encourage others to provide exceptional client service.

They participate in specialist communities of practice and contribute positively to own and organizational knowledge improvements. They also partner with senior colleagues in more complex and larger operational environments to gain support and learn from them.

Behavioural skills

As a corporate citizen, CX & Collab Sales Specialist can work effectively in teams and manage their assigned work processes. They contribute ideas to the improvement of internal processes and exhibit a growing knowledge and passion for their area of specialisation. Their passion drives them to learn constantly. They are excellent listeners and demonstrate effective client engagement skills. They are commercially astute and will use their well-rounded conversational and questioning skills to assist clients in meeting their needs by buying Dimension Data’s solutions, services and offerings. Using their expertise they are able to contribute to the knowledge base of Dimension Data’s solutions and services by sharing best practices and lessons learnt with clients. By using case studies, they are able to reference and articulate Dimension Data’s capability, to build trust with the client. They are seen as an expert and they are able to contribute to solution development and market growth through their knowledge.

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